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Development of aqueous pigmented inkjet inks for industrial applications

With inkjet printing rapidly proving itself as a true production process within the area of industrial printing, we as inkjet ink developers need to keep up with the pace and develop new fluids for these applications. Aqueous inks for industrial inkjet printing are potentially advantageous for many different applications. However, delivering the right functionality in a formulation with the constraints imposed by inkjet printing is no easy task.

Inkjet for décor – is this a dream or a reality?

Marcus Timson of InPrint previews his talk at IMI Europe’s Digital Printing Conference in Amsterdam, where he will be joined by Giorgio Macor of Kuei. They discuss why, in the light of significant innovations in the industry,  we are not seeing more obvious evidence that inkjet is being adopted as a technology for décor printing?

(Approximately) five key issues in inkjet ink development

Tim Phillips looks at the fundamental issues facing ink developers, including the trade-off between application performance and printability, carrier choice, dispersion quality, characterisation and application-specific issues.

Adoption of digital technology in industrial applications

Digital printing using inkjet technology offers benefits across a wide range of industrial applications. These benefits include the ability to introduce new designs and products rapidly, defining deposition digitally so that it can be changed every time, depositing onto delicate substrates without contact, and depositing functional materials as well as just colours.