digital printing

Printhead selection and waveform development techniques to meet the varied application needs of industrial inkjet

The choice of printhead and driving waveform can make the difference between dazzling success and dismal failure for any industrial inkjet system. Matthew Pullen, Meteor Inkjet’s product manager for dropwatching systems, discusses tools and techniques for manipulating printhead waveforms.

The digital revolution in textile printing – requirements and trends for inkjet inks and textile chemistry

Recently, the pigment ink market for textile inkjet printing is emerging rapidly. Pigment inks have a lot of benefits such as a high colour strength and high light resistance. They are considered as “universal inks” because they can be applied directly on a large range of textile substrates without sophisticated or environmentally unfriendly pre- or post-treatments. Dr Enrico Sowade of Zschimmer and Schwarz discusses the impact of pre-treatment on ink performance.

Inkjet for décor – is this a dream or a reality?

Marcus Timson of InPrint previews his talk at IMI Europe’s Digital Printing Conference in Amsterdam, where he will be joined by Giorgio Macor of Kuei. They discuss why, in the light of significant innovations in the industry,  we are not seeing more obvious evidence that inkjet is being adopted as a technology for décor printing?