inkjet textile printing

Development of aqueous pigmented inkjet inks for industrial applications

With inkjet printing rapidly proving itself as a true production process within the area of industrial printing, we as inkjet ink developers need to keep up with the pace and develop new fluids for these applications. Aqueous inks for industrial inkjet printing are potentially advantageous for many different applications. However, delivering the right functionality in a formulation with the constraints imposed by inkjet printing is no easy task.

Taking a closer look at inkjet developments

With the IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference taking place on 13-14 April, 2016, WTiN’s Tansy Fall caught up with IMI’s Dr Tim Phillips to discuss the conference and also take a closer look at the progress of the digital textile printing industry, with a particular focus on inks.

Selecting the right ink and process for digital textile printing - Part 1: Ink types

Digital inkjet technology currently accounts for roughly 1% of every metre printed in the textile industry. However, this figure is expected to rise as an increasing number of end users begin to run digital and analogue technology side by side or switch over to digital completely.