Colour management in a digital era

Tim Phillips of IMI Europe and Catenary Solutions discusses colour management in the digital textile value chain, its set-up, challenges and application. You can find out more about colour management at the Inkjet Colour Management course being held at IMI Europe’s Inkjet Summer School, Cambridge, UK, 10-14 June 2019.

The digital revolution in textile printing – requirements and trends for inkjet inks and textile chemistry

Recently, the pigment ink market for textile inkjet printing is emerging rapidly. Pigment inks have a lot of benefits such as a high colour strength and high light resistance. They are considered as “universal inks” because they can be applied directly on a large range of textile substrates without sophisticated or environmentally unfriendly pre- or post-treatments. Dr Enrico Sowade of Zschimmer and Schwarz discusses the impact of pre-treatment on ink performance.

Electronics – essential components for high performance inkjet printing

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor Inkjet Ltd, discusses how printer driver electronics are increasingly adapting to an ever-demanding market and how good design is critical to high performance inkjet printing.