inkjet printing

Electronics – essential components for high performance inkjet printing

Clive Ayling, managing director at Meteor Inkjet Ltd, discusses how printer driver electronics are increasingly adapting to an ever-demanding market and how good design is critical to high performance inkjet printing. 

Simulating the different stages of the inkjet printing process

In order to exploit the potential of inkjet printing, better understanding of droplet behaviour, both in flight and on the substrate, is needed. Modelling is a good way of gaining insight into the phenomena which drive the different stages of the printing process. Jakko Nieuwenkamp of Reden will make a presentation based on this work at the IMI Europe Inkjet Engineering Conference in Lausanne, 14 March 2017.

Basics of piezo driven inkjet print heads: Fluid dynamics and nozzle design

Prof J. Frits Dijksman of the University of Twente explains the basic principles of fluid mechanics behind the operation of an inkjet printhead, comparing it with a musical instrument.

Think you can't push your production speeds? This speed boost equation says you can!

Production speed is an ever-present challenge in digital printing, and is often exacerbated by thermal management challenges. Bart van Liempd of Exergen explains how the use of their thermal management sensors and equation can help boost production speeds.