printed electronics

Development of nanoparticle inks with active matrix materials

Reducing the thermal treatment conditions required for depositing metal oxide thin films onto flexible plastic substrates is a challenge. In this blog the use of preformed crystalline nanoparticles in active matrix will be discussed and with promising results showing this as a potential way forward.

2D-crystal inks and devices: graphene is just the start!

Prof Cinzia Casiraghi, from the Graphene Centre, University of Manchester, discusses the formulation of inkjet inks containing 2D crystals and functional devices made using them. The work will be presented at the IMI Europe Inkjet Ink Development Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland on 15-16 March 2017.

Inkjet technology & printed electronics

Drop on demand inkjet deposition of nano-particle conductive inks have already found niches in the fields of photovoltaics, OLEDs, displays and RFID. Flexibility sets inkjet apart from traditional methods; inkjet technology allows for the additive deposition of thin line circuits on a range of substrates including those that are three dimensional.