We moved Barcelona to Amsterdam!


Okay, all we’ve done is relocate our conference. We’ve been using Barcelona for several years but thought we’d move to Northern Europe for a change. In fact it’s back to the future, as we are going to the same hotel for this year’s inkjet conference as we used for many years in the 1990s!

So why Amsterdam? Well, like Barcelona it’s a great city that everybody wants to visit. Full of character with its canals and architecture, there are famous art museums, great restaurants and of course plenty of nightlife. Our venue is easy to get to, just two stops on the train direct from the airport. It’s also close to a tram stop, so you can get straight into the centre of town.

Although it’s a “new” location, the event is pretty much what you expect from IMI Europe. We have a great programme of invited speakers, both familiar faces and new ones, who are going to help you understand the future of inkjet.

You might be thinking that with all the events going on this autumn in Europe there could be nothing new to present at the IMI Europe Conference?

Wrong. We have great overviews of the industry from CEOs of the leading inkjet companies. We have some exciting new announcements, including breakthrough technologies for new applications. The programme’s so good you’ll want to stay until the end!

The IMI Europe Inkjet Printing Conference 2015 takes place at the Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel, 2-4 December.

Mike Willis, IMI Europe