IMI Europe Inkjet Printing Conference 2015

The Future of Inkjet

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Download the conference brochure

2-4 December, 2015

Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have overviews from senior executives and analysts, printhead developments including silicon MEMS announcements and circulating ink systems. New ink technologies including hybrid aqueous, the potential for inkjet in commercial, packaging, textile and 3D printing applications. If you are responsible for a strategic view of the industry for your company then this event is a must!

Joint Chairs: Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources and Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems

Speakers from:

* Alchemie * Covestro* Fujifilm Dimatix * Fujifilm Imaging Colorants * Hewlett Packard * IDTechEx * Inca Digital * IT Strategies * Kodak * Konica Minolta * Kyocera * Mexar * Qudos * Ricoh * Sensient Imaging Technologies * Sun Chemical * TTP * Valinge Innovation * WTiN * Xaar * Xerox *

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IT Strategies Market Report

All registrants will receive the latest study report "The Numbers" Market Report by IT Strategies. Generated from their worldwide computer printer industry model it provides an ongoing source of market information based on a consistent methodology and reporting structure.

Conference Programme


11:00 Registration

14:00 Session begins

Inkjet: The miraculous technology that continues to advance...

Marco Boer, Vice-President, IT Strategies, Boston, USA

  • Just when you thought inkjet image quality couldn't get better….
    • Production inkjet market enters the 2nd disruptive phase of production ink jet technology
    • Wide format graphics inkjet becomes a truly high-value tool for fine arts/photographers
  • Inkjet printed textiles went mainstream while we weren’t looking...
    • Is demand outpacing inkjet technology's capability?
  • Inkjet and packaging: The next big thing at DRUPA?
  • DRUPA 2016: Faster, cheaper, better….

Opportunities and challenges of inkjet expansion

Martin Schoeppler, President & CEO, FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc., Santa Clara, California, USA

  • Existing success stories in the industrial inkjet market
  • Si-MEMs enables expansion in many directions
  • Is printed electronics made for ink jet?
  • Future application scenarios

Mass market adoption of digital inkjet?

Doug Edwards, CEO, Xaar, Cambridge, UK

  • Overview of the worldwide print market now and the future outlook
  • The adoption of digital in the Ceramics market
  • Analysis of the Commercial Print and Packaging markets
  • What drives mass market adoption of digital inkjet?
  • Advanced manufacturing and functional printing – is inkjet the key to volume production?

Why is industrial inkjet taking so long to happen?

Bill Baxter, Founder, Inca Digital Printers, Cambridge, UK

  • So many applications are waiting for inkjet
  • Inkjet could deliver huge advantages
  • It's all so exciting! So why hasn't it happened?
  • Technical reasons
  • Structural reasons
  • This is what we have to do

What's new at ITMA?

James Rankin, Market Intelligence Analyst, WTiN, Leeds, UK

  • The current growth rate and size of the digital textiles market
  • What continues to drive the market forward?
  • New innovations seen at ITMA
  • Where are the largest opportunities globally?
  • What is the forecast for this market going forward?

What's new in 3D printing?

Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx, Cambridge, UK

  • Uses of 3D printing for manufacturing
  • 3D printers in schools
  • Big market opportunities
  • Big names entering the market
  • New technology developments and hybrid technologies
  • Opportunity for inkjet?

19:00-20:30 Reception


09:00 Session begins

Inkjet ink technology - the enabler for digital packaging printing

John Law, Managing Director, Sun Chemical, Bath, UK

  • The drivers for digital packaging printing
  • Packaging ink requirements
  • Inkjet printing system integration
  • Low migration ink technology
  • Aqueous hybrid ink technology

Low migration inks enter digital printing - market demand, trends and forecasts

Stewart Partridge, Managing Director, Qudos, UK & China

  • Market demands in packaging and labelling
  • What is migration? What is a “low migration ink”?
  • Reasons for digital printing growth in the packaging industry
  • Emergence of new digital platforms for packaging & labelling
  • Market trends and forecasts for hardware & inks

New technologies and sustainability in textiles

Dr. Christophe Builliard, Sensient Imaging Technologies SA, Morges, Switzerland

  • Digital printing has made a very large entry into industrial manufacturing processes, in particular textile production
  • As in other industries, inkjet printing has enabled;
    • New ways of doing business by lowering the overall cost and risk associated with the launch of new collections
    • Improvements in some aspects of production, in particular the use of energy and natural resources
  • Factors that have enabled the development of digital textile printing to industrial scale
  • Penetration of digital printing into textile decoration
  • Different textile printing technologies and their relative impact on resources
  • Developments presented at ITMA

Laminate production - an industry poised for transition to inkjet?

Philip Double, Techno-Commercial Manager - Inkjet Ink Commercial Team, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Ltd, Blackley, Manchester, UK

  • Exploring the décor industry and value chain
  • Market dynamics of décor printing
  • Can inkjet challenge the established processes
  • Aqueous or UV for this application
  • Technical hurdles and challenges to implementation

Single pass printing of aqueous pigmented inks into powder substrates – a novel approach for the inkjet industry

Dr. Andy Hancock, Director, Mexar, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Marcus Bergelin, Business Development Director, Valinge Innovation, Viken, Sweden

  • The role of aqueous inks in industrial applications
  • Aqueous inks in single pass printing – why is this always the last piece of the puzzle?
  • Printing aqueous inks on a novel substrate – Powder
  • Why printing in a powder substrate makes sense
  • Change not only the print method, but take the opportunity to re-engineer your;
    • Product
    • Logistics
    • Potentially your business
  • Examples on how flooring applications can be changed

13:00 -14:00 Lunch

14:00 Session begins

Circulating printhead design

Shin Ishikura, Manager - Inkjet Design Centre, Kyocera Fineceramics, Esslingen, Germany

  • Summary of Kyocera printhead history
  • Latest printhead technologies and its commercial background
  • Single pass end shooter
  • Scanning end shooter
  • Single pass recirculation

Waveform optimisation: A cost effective way to improve print performance

Dr. Changlong Sun, Technical Sales and Support Section Leader, Inkjet Technology Centre, Ricoh UK Products Ltd, UK

  • Ricoh print head design
  • Basis of waveform
  • Effect of waveform on printing
  • How to design a good waveform
  • The importance of waveform optimisation
  • Waveform optimisation versus ink formulation optimisation

New inkjet printhead for industrial application

Daisuke Ishibashi, R&D Engineer, Konica Minolta, Hino-Shi, Tokyo, Japan

  • Current solution for various requirements for industrial inkjet application
  • New platform with MEMS technology
  • Features, technologies and performance of Konica Minolta MEMS heads
  • Compatibility of a wide range of inks

Inkjet head evolution and revolution: Unlocking novel applications

George Gibson, Director for Marketing Strategy at PARC, a Xerox company, California, USA

  • Evolution of printhead design
    • Xerox technology
    • Other manufacturers
  • Revolution in applications that have been enabled

Suppliers Forum

Do you have a product or service to promote? All registrants can give a 5 minute supplier presentation, subject to availability. Sign up on the registration form or contact

19:00-20:30 Reception


09:00 Session begins

Continuous-feed inkjet: New applications, new opportunities

David J. Murphy, Worldwide Director of Marketing & Business Development, HP InkJet High-speed Production Solutions (IHPS), Hewlett-Packard, San Diego, California, USA

  • How vertical integration in thermal inkjet drives innovation
  • How breakthroughs in nozzle architecture drive higher print quality and productivity
  • How priming solutions expand media breadth and new applications
  • How improved economics accelerate offset-to-inkjet transfer and return on investment
  • Packaging – the new frontier

Upwards & onwards: Water-based pigment inkjet printing for commercial printing

Erwin Busselot, Director, Commercial Print Solutions, Ricoh Europe, Brussels, Belgium

  • Drupa 2008 - inkjet presses debut
    • Transactional and trans promotional applications
    • Paper transport mechanisms with print heads
  • IPEX 2010 - next generation presses
    • Unlocked new applications such as; mono trade books and direct mail
  • Drupa 2012 - steps towards educational and colour book applications
  • Aspiration to true commercial print - offset to digital
    • Not a reality in the market
  • With Ricoh's launch of the VC60000 press all this has changed
    • Higher print quality
    • Ability to print on offset coated papers
    • Customers able to address commercial print applications
  • What are the essential success elements?
  • Details of some of the initial work done by commercial printers

Stream technology moves ahead for commercial and industrial applications

Marie-Luce Delaune, Marketing Programme Manager, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division, EMEA, Kodak, Maisons- Alfort, France

  • Introduction and an update on Kodak’s business and technology focus
  • Market trend information
  • Applications and capabilities
  • Advances that have been led by Kodak inkjet opening for new applications
  • Summary

Digital printhead technologies for the application of materials science

Dr. Alan Hudd, Chairman & Co-founder, Alchemie Technology Ltd, Cambridge, UK

  • Technology overview of liquid and powder deposition
    • Techniques for high volume deposition at low cost and high throughput
    • Performance & properties
    • Benefits & limitations
  • Applying a wide range of functional chemistries
    • Printing graphene to yield high performance
    • 3D printing of metals directly
    • Bio, implantable drugs and pills
    • Protective coatings & adhesives
    • Paints
    • In-line pre-treatments, primers and post treatments

New digital coating technology for industry 4.0

James McCrone, The Technology Partnership, Melbourn, UK
Adam Salmen, Global Marketing Manager - Digital Printing, Covestro, Germany

  • The coatings market, and how it is changing
  • The opportunity for inkjet
  • Vista technology and its capabilities
  • What does this enable for future coatings?
  • Commercialisation: open platform or proprietary technology?

13:00 Conference ends