IMI Europe Inkjet Winter Workshop 2019

21-25 January 2019

sh valencia Palace hotel, Valencia, Spain

The IMI Europe Inkjet Winter Workshop is the ideal way to learn more about inkjet technology, with an in-depth look at key aspects of digital printing application development. A brief summary of each of the 2019 courses is shown below - go to the individual course pages to find out more. Discounts are available for attending more than one course, or if your company is sending more than one person to the event - see the registration page for details.

Inkjet Winter Workshop 2019 timetable

Course Summaries


Theory of inkjet technology

Mon 21 - Tue 22 January 2019

Understanding the basics is essential to any industry's development. The Inkjet Academy covers the basic theory behind the many types of inkjet technology used today and aims to give your understanding of the industry an expert start. The course is presented by Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources and Dr Alan Hudd of Alchemie Technology.

Inkjet Printing Software

Mon 21 - Tue 22 January 2019

For any digital imaging technology, software is fundamental as the printed image is defined by data. This course gives an in-depth overview of the fundamental aspects of digital imaging applications and the software functions needed for this, presented by leading companies in the field including Meteor Inkjet, ColorGATE and Inédit Software.

Inkjet Ink Characterisation

Viscosity, dispersions, jetting & surfaces

Wed 23 - Thu 24 January 2019

This course covers rheology and surface tension measurements, particle and dispersion assessment, as well as drop visualisation and print quality analysis. Course leaders include Malvern Panalytical,  KRÜSS and ImageXpert.

Inkjet Inks: Materials and applications

Inks and materials for digital applications

Wed 23 - Thu 24 January 2019

The course gives an overview of the different ink platform technologies in use today, with an emphasis on practical aspect of materials selection and optimisation for the low viscosity requirement of inkjet printing. Key issues surrounding the integration of inkjet ink technology into industrial printing within a production environment will also be considered. The course is led by inkjet ink expert Dr Mark Bale, formerly of Sun Chemical.

Inkjet Ink Manufacturing


Thu 24 - Fri 25 January, 2019

This course covers the issues of inkjet ink design, development and testing, scale-up for manufacture and manufacturing itself. It also covers ink plant design and commercial considerations. The course is led by Dr Simon Daplyn of Sensient Imaging Technologies (formerly Xennia Technology) and Dr Andy Hancock of Mexar Ltd.

Single Pass Inkjet System Design


Thu 24 - Fri 25 January, 2019

This course is led by Rob Rogers of Print3 Technologies (formerly of FUJIFILM Dimatix and EFI Jetrion). It provides an introduction to the challenges of single pass inkjet printer design and process development. It gives a proven framework for development plus practical recommendations on key design areas, testing and solutions to common development mistakes.