Inkjet Inks: Materials and Applications

Inks and Materials for Digital Applications

Wednesday 23 - Thursday 24 January 2019

SH Valencia Palace Hotel, Valencia, Spain


Building on the back of the success of wide format graphics applications, industrial inkjet printing has penetrated many market areas by utilising a wide range of different ink chemistry approaches. 

The course gives an overview of the different ink platform technologies in use today, with an emphasis on practical aspects of materials selection and optimisation for the low viscosity requirement of inkjet printing. Looking from the application viewpoint the potential ink solutions are compared and contrasted. Key issues surrounding the integration of inkjet ink technology into industrial printing within a production environment are also considered.

The course is aimed at developers wishing to adopt inkjet technology in their industrial production processes, or those who are already skilled in one area and are looking to understand the wider potential of inkjet chemistries available.


Wednesday 23 January

08:00 - 09:00 Registration

09:00 Course begins

Introduction & Context

  • How inkjet ink has evolved

    • Sustainability & the drive back to water

  • The modern process

    • Ink as the enabling technology

  • Market considerations

    • OEM versus aftermarket supply

  • Basic ink chemistry comparison

    • What’s inside

    • The influence of the printhead

  • Making sure it’s right

    • Checking the basic properties

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Session begins

Ink Types & Materials Choices

  • Radiation-curable

    • The ubiquitous all-rounder

    • Focus on free radical UV

  • Aqueous

    • Function takes over from simple colours

  • Solvent

    • From hard CIJ inks to ‘Eco’ graphics

  • Oil

    • A good option for absorbing substrates

  • Hot-melt

    • A great route to process resilience

  • Hybrids

    • Clever chemistry as the best of both worlds

17:00 Session ends

18:00 - 19:00 Reception

Join us for beers, wines and good company!

Thursday 24 January

09:00 Session begins

Application Examples – Ink Selection

  • Practical examples of ink selection by application area, e.g.

    • Wide format graphics

    • Production print

    • Textiles

    • Ceramics

    • Decor

    • Corrugated board & paper packaging

    • Flexible (plastic) Packaging

    • Electronics

    • 3D printing

    • Electronic Materials

12:30 Course ends




Dr Mark Bale, Director
DoDxAct, UK

Dr Mark Bale is the founder of DoDxAct Ltd in Somerset, United Kingdom where he consults in all aspects of inkjet R&D from ink formulation and manufacture through jetting & process integration to final application optimisation. His experience takes in production inkjet, wide-format graphics, labels & packaging, decorative surfaces, electronics manufacturing, product coding and 3D printing.