New inkjet printhead for industrial application

One talk at the IMI Europe Inkjet Conference is from Konica Minolta, who will be discussing their new silicon MEMS printhead technology. This was first announced at IMI Inc’s Inkjet Technology Showcase in September 2014 in the US. It is a modular technology where the printheads can be mounted together to form a head of any width.

Daisuka Ishibashi, Konica Minolta

Daisuka Ishibashi, Konica Minolta

The significance of piezo heads moving towards silicon MEMS technology is to enable higher channel densities, that is more nozzles per inch, across the printhead. This is key to achieving a lot of new high-speed single pass printing applications. This printhead technology is aimed specifically at industrial applications, which means it will be compatible with the wide range of ink types.

Konica Minolta promises to present some of the latest results during the development of this new printhead platform. To get an update on this technology, and competing technologies for future applications, don’t miss the IMI Europe Inkjet Conference in Amsterdam, 2-4 December, 2015.

Mike Willis, IMI Europe