Inkjet: The miraculous technology that continues to advance…

Inkjet is just one of several digital printing technologies, so what makes it stand out against the others? Well, electrophotography has been around for longer, and the first digital commercial presses used this technology. Electrophotography is relatively mature these days, but it’s limited to relatively narrow widths and the substrates it can print onto. Enter inkjet. It rapidly replaced many installations of monochrome production printers offering colour at similar costs. At Drupa 2012 inkjet seemed set to enter the commercial print market. Will that promise be fulfilled at Drupa 2016?

Marco Boer

Marco Boer

Inkjet has proven to be excellent for production textile printing as well, and packaging. It is moving ahead on many fronts.

At IMI Europe we believe there’s a lot to learn by looking across all industries, rather than just focusing on one. Marco Boer of IT Strategies believes the same, and will explain that although the drivers and demands of the range of inkjet applications are different there are some common themes. Marco is a highly sought after consultant in the industry and will be kicking off the presentations with his talk “Inkjet: The miraculous technology that continues to advance…“ at this year’s IMI Europe Inkjet Conference, Amsterdam, December 2-4.

Mike Willis, IMI Europe