Market Reports Live

Download the conference brochure

Download the conference brochure

1-2 December, 2015

Novotel Amsterdam City Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3D Printing * Digital Textile Printing * Digital Commercial Printing

Three half day market & technology briefings on emerging applications - the information your company needs for planning! Each session offers market and technology forecasts from leading industry analysts, plus the opportunity to ask questions.

Course programme summaries are below.

3D Printing

Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

Tuesday 1 December, 09:00-13:00

Some say that the media attention to 3D printing far exceeds commercial activity. Is that true? After all, 3D printing has been around for 25 years. What is driving the market and which are the front-running technologies? Where is 3D printing being used? These are just some of the questions that Rachel will be addressing during this Market Reports Live session.

  • Full assessment of complex and rapidly changing technology
  • To assess the challenges and opportunities
  • Detail the latest developments in 3D printing applications and technologies
  • Technology appraisal covering each technology in depth; advantages & disadvantages
  • Look at case studies of applications
    • Market leaders
    • Mapping of key parameters
    • Technical challenges & opportunities
  • Discussion of market landscape
    • Existing & emerging applications of 3D printing
    • Early adopters
    • Value & supply chains
    • Market drivers
    • Current market size & future market opportunities
    • End-user requirements & unmet needs

About IDTechEx

IDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence and advice on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain, supporting them in making essential strategic business decisions. Our experienced business and technology experts provide international perspective in printed electronics and electrics, electric vehicles, disruptive new materials, components and systems, 3D printing, energy storage and energy harvesting. We do this by disseminating our research through subscription and advisory services, reports, bespoke consulting and events.

About Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon leads the IDTechEx research into the markets and applications of 3D Printing technologies and materials, writing research reports, undertaking bespoke consultancy projects, interviewing key players in the industry, and speaking at conferences across the globe. She has a BA in Natural Sciences and first-class MSci in Materials Science and Metallurgy from Cambridge University. Her master's project focused on manufacturing and testing novel, sustainable, photovoltaic materials. She has also worked on projects including sustainably synthesising graphene from glucose in Cambridge University Engineering Department, developing deposition techniques for organometallic thin films at the University of Goettingen, and researching lead-free piezoelectric ceramics at the University of Technology in Hamburg.

Digital Textile Printing

James Rankin, Market Intelligence Analyst, WTiN

John Scrimshaw, Editor, WTiN

Tuesday 1 December, 14:00-18:00

Digital textile printing is considered by many to be 'the next big thing', and with the large ITMA trade show in November there will be plenty of new announcements. But as always, commercial success doesn't necessarily follow from new machine launches. What market penetration of digital printing in the textile industry is there really? How well are user needs being satisfied? Come and find out from WTiN experts James and John!

  • Overview on leading drivers within the digital textile market that continue to allow consistent high growth
  • A structured look into where the maximum opportunities lie within the digital textile market and what the leading brands are doing today
  • Assessment of the new technologies breaking into the digital textiles industry and the impact they will have
  • Look at the key players within the market and which areas of the market they focus on
  • Discussion on what is missing from the market and where this may come from
  • Discussion on the future of the digital textiles market and what technology needs to develop to enable future success

About WTiN

World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is an innovative B2B media company that lies at the heart of the global textile industry. Serving the textile value chain, from raw material to finished goods, through online, events and publications, WTiN provides the must-have information on manufacturing technology, environment and ethics, textile markets, finance, companies and events. The company has been working in the textile industry for 130 years with publishing and textile manufacturing knowledge. Our strengths include sector specialists, analysts and a key global contributor network all supplying valuable information into the market. With a global reach WTiN partners with a wide range of organisations including CEMATEX, CNTAC, INDA, CNITA, Messe Frankfurt, DnB & ITME across the industry both through events and publications.

About James Rankin

While James's involvement in the Digital Textile market is relatively recent his experience as a market analyst and consultant within the technology and printing industry have brought him a wealth of knowledge in understanding how markets can change and where opportunities for growth lie. James's work at WTiN is focused on bringing increased knowledge and analysis to the fast moving world of digital textile printing that continues to show increasing potential.

About John Scrimshaw

John is the editor of Digital Textile Magazine, the leading global magazine for the digital textile dyeing, printing and finishing industry which launched in 2004 as a dedicated news source for the global industry. He also edits the related International Dyer magazine. In addition, he acts as editor of ITMA Daily News/Textile Daily News, published at the ITMA and ITMA Asia + CITME shows, and of the IMPACT Special Reports on sustainability in the textile industry, and he regularly contributes textile industry news and analysis to the textile-business-intelligence portal.

Digital Commercial Printing

Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies

Wednesday 2 December, 09:00-13:00

We have already had two "Inkjet DRUPAs" and with the next event coming up in May 2016 everyone wants to know "are we there yet?" Commercial printing is one of the most challenging industries from many points of view - print quality, speed, cost - to name just three. How are the new intermediate transfer ink jet processes likely to change the situation? How strong a challenger is liquid EP? Marco Boer will explain all and give his expert opinion.

  • Technology assessment 
  • Case studies and application trends
  • Market assessment and forecasts
  • Industry structure, value chain and opportunities
  • Key players and player assessment

About IT Strategies

For nearly 25 years IT Strategies, Inc. has been helping printing equipment and supplies manufacturers to develop products and markets for next generation digital printing technology. Through thousands of interviews with users of printing technology IT Strategies has shaped entire new printing market segments, ranging from 3D printing, ceramics inkjet printing, production ink jet printing, textile ink jet printing, to wide format graphics poster printing.

Behind the scenes, IT Strategies helps to source components used in the development of these printers and is often commissioned to provide confidential analysis on behalf of investors in the printing equipment and supplies industry. As one of the industry’s renowned experts in digital print technologies, IT Strategies is often called upon to keynote and chair major industry conferences and events. Printing equipment and supplies manufacturers and related companies commission IT Strategies on a custom, confidential basis both on single assignments and under retainer.

About Marco Boer

Marco Boer is recognized as a trusted consultant to the digital printing industry. He has a reputation for being able to put complex information and concepts into a context that is easily understood by his audience. With more than 25 years of experience in advising and guiding senior executives of Fortune 1000 and smaller innovative companies to successful business solutions in emerging digital printing markets, Mr. Boer has developed a deep understanding of inkjet printing technology and its applications.