Market Reports Live - Digital Packaging Printing

8 October 2019

Courtyard by Marriott Berlin City Centre Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Market Reports Live are half-day market & technology forums on important digital applications. The sessions offer market and technology forecasts from leading industry analysts, giving you the information you need to inform your business strategy.



robert Leahey, associate DIRECTOR, INFOTRENDS

Tuesday 8 October, 09:00-12:30

Packaging printing is considered by many to be the digital application with the greatest future potential, due to the high total volume of printed packaging and the significant added value to be gained from digital printing. Brand owners are looking for options to respond rapidly to consumer demands, personalise packaging and innovate. Yet adoption has been held back in many cases by technological, cost, safety and regulatory concerns. Industry expert Bob Leahey from Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends gives an overview of the current situation with an in-depth look at the market requirements and dynamics, technology advances and challenges.

  • An overview of the leading factors driving the digital packaging printing market forward and where they will change

  • A view of where the maximum opportunities lie in the coming years and how the leading players are positioning themselves to be successful

  • An assessment of new technology introductions and what impact they are expected to have

  • A discussion of what is still missing from the market and what can be done to bridge these gaps

  • A discussion on the future of digital packaging printing and the technology developments needed to enable further growth


Keypoint Intelligence is a one-stop shop for the digital imaging industry. With our unparalleled tools and unmatched depth of knowledge, Keypoint Intelligence cuts through the noise of data to offer clients the unbiased insights and responsive tools they need in those mission-critical moments that define their products and empower their sales.

Keypoint Intelligence is built upon two brands: Buyers Lab and InfoTrends. Both brands have deep histories and strong presence in the document imaging industry, and will continue to be supported as product brands under the Keypoint Intelligence umbrella, which has been created to accentuate everything these respected properties have to offer.

InfoTrends has over 25 years of experience providing leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. InfoTrends products include research, analysis, forecasts and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow their businesses.

ABOUT robert leahey


Robert Leahey has many years of experience in consulting to the peripherals and supplies industries. At InfoTrends, where he has worked since 1996, his main work has been to conduct custom research projects, most often on inkjet, thermal and colour laser technologies used for commercial and industrial applications. He is also the main analyst for InfoTrends’ Color Digital Label and Packaging (CDLP) continuous information service. His clients have included a wide range of printer and supplies manufacturers, and other companies, in all regions. He has also been author or co-author of many syndicated research reports on topics such as colour digital label presses, inkjet coders and brand owners’ sentiments about package printing. Areas of expertise include: colour digital printing for labels & packaging, inkjet & laser product & package coding and other industrial uses of digital printing.