IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference

INKJET market and technology Advances

9-10 October 2019

Courtyard by Marriott Berlin City Centre, Berlin, Germany

The IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference is the flagship strategic conference for the inkjet industry, trusted as a primary source of high value information by senior executives and commercial managers for 20 years. This two-day event includes the following elements:

  • Market briefings from leading analysts

  • Updates and views from industry pacesetters

  • Perspectives from key end users

  • New technology introductions from inkjet innovators

As well as formal presentations, the conference programme includes panel sessions covering key topics, with the panels comprising and chaired by industry leaders.

Represented companies:

Hewlett Packard * Landa Digital * Ricoh Europe * Fujifilm Dimatix * Memjet * Heidelberg * Xerox * Sun Chemical * Sensient * Inca Digital * IT Strategies * Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends * Proximus LLC * Printed Electronics Ltd * Pivotal Resources * FM Future

Additional Benefits


The IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference gives you the opportunity to meet senior executives from within the inkjet industry as well as from companies using the technology or developing it for their use. With two networking lunches, an evening reception and additional refreshment breaks, there is ample opportunity to meet with key people.

Sponsor Exhibits & Forum

Event sponsors will have their products and technology on display in the breakout area, and the Sponsors' Forum enables you to hear short presentations from sponsors on their company and latest news. If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please visit our sponsorship page.

IT Strategies Market Report

All delegates will receive a free copy of the latest "The Numbers" Market Report by IT Strategies. Generated from their worldwide digital printing industry model, it provides an ongoing source of market information based on primary research.

Strategic Advisory Board

The conference programme of topics, panel discussions and presentations are selected by the Strategic Advisory Board of industry luminaries whose expertise covers a wide range of technology and applications in digital printing. Strategic Advisory Board members are as follows:

  • Martin Schoeppler, CEO, Fujifilm Dimatix

  • Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies

  • Pete Saunders, Global Director - Digital Businesses, Sun Chemical

  • Kenneth Stack, President, Proximus

  • Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources

The Advisory Board is chaired by Tim Phillips of IMI Europe.

Conference Programme

WEDNESDAY 9 October 2019

08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30 Morning session begins

The irrevocable change in the world of commercial printing
Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies

The commercial print world is in flux. Print provider business models are changing faster than many recognise, and those who are not adopting while find themselves marginalised or worse out of business. We’ve reached the bottom of competing on the lowest cost of print, and in fact are seeing print cost increase as the cost of paper, postage/transport, and labor only become more expensive. Helping customers achieve communication goals through data analysis is where generous profits are now starting to be made. This has reduced interest in needing the “latest” print technology, although if there is an opportunity to consolidate two or more older presses with one more productive new press, print providers with more than $2.5M in revenue are all ears. On top of this, the technology development cycles of printing equipment manufacturers are getting longer. What does this all mean for DRUPA 2020? This session will analyse this and more.


High value digitally printed applications – what is the new market opportunity for digital embellishments?
Claire Virazels, Production Colour Programme Manager, Xerox EMEA

As the printing industry continues to transform across the globe, some major trends are appearing, showing that there are numerous requirements from print buyers for high value applications. Gamut extension, adding more colours, producing digital embellishments – adding metallics & effects, white, clear/varnishing enhancements, using new papers and substrates – those trends have become major requirements which need to be addressed. In this session, we will review those important transformations and see how Print Service Providers can win significant new business opportunities, bringing more value to their customers while growing their revenue and margins!


The changing landscape of industrial digital printing
Ken Stack, President, Proximus LLC

Our industry has come a long way in the last decade. While the industrial digital printing market has grown substantially, the landscape of participants has changed drastically, and we expect it to continue to change. We will examine changing market verticals, the players, and discuss how we expect the market to continue its evolution in the coming decade.


Panel Session: DRUPA preview and beyond
Topics to include:

  • What will be new at DRUPA?

  • Where is the industry going over the next few years?

The panel will be chaired by Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies, and include industry experts from the conference Strategic Advisory Board and conference presenters.

12:30-14.00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon session begins

Dye sub reinvented
Javier Larraz, Large Format Production Director, Hewlett Packard

Digital technologies along with new approaches are nowadays transforming many industries. Textiles is not an exception, and while digital printing has been present in textiles for many years, we are at an inflection point where technology innovation, changes in customer preferences and new pipelines are accelerating the disruption of the traditional ecosystems. In this presentation we will see how HP innovation and strategy will contribute to this transformation, why HP is entering into the textiles market and what differential value will be available to customers with new HP tools and technologies.

Yarden Ben-Dor.jpg

Printing will never be the same again
Yarden Ben-Dor, Product Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Landa is real and our worldwide customers are producing jobs for their brands. Yarden will highlight Landa Digital Printing’s key features including Nanography® technology’s unique capabilities, reputable workflow partners and the solutions these provide in response to market trends. He will provide an overview of Landa’s worldwide customer base and share real high-quality commercial applications they are currently producing on their Landa presses. He will discuss the range of benefits that our customers are seeing when allocating jobs to their Landa press instead of to offset or other digital equipment.


Memjet technology platforms enable products from desktop to light production to heavy production – Recent news in advanced thermal inkjet technology
Scott Leger, VP Business Development, Memjet

Memjet is expanding its technology platforms to enable more segments and applications to use advanced thermal inkjet single-pass technology to enable products for desktop, light production and heavy production environments. Our presentation will review the technological changes that have enabled this expansion and detail the capabilities and differences of each platform while maintaining market leading print quality, fast print speeds, modular flexibility and simple integration. These aqueous inkjet systems provide the solution end customers are craving as they push their equipment suppliers to supply fast, high quality, affordable, application specific solutions. The presentation will provide examples of the type of products integrating these technology platforms.


Inkjet for corrugated packaging: Opportunities and challenges
Stephen Wilson, CEO, Inca Digital

In this talk I will aim to cover the analogue print technologies currently used for corrugated packaging, as well as the inkjet printer architectures which are likely to replace them. I will then examine the sub-market sectors, sizes and trends, as well as the technical challenges and potential solutions. Finally I will present a roadmap for inkjet printers in corrugated.


Large Area Electronics - an opportunity for digital inkjet printing
Dr Neil Chilton, Technical Director, Printed Electronics Limited

The primary aim of this talk is to help determine whether the title you see above is a statement or a question. Large Area Electronics (LAE) is one of the names used for the field of printable, flexible or organic electronics. LAE is a field that is growing but is also one where inkjet has not always been the natural choice of print method. In this talk we will cover some of the technical demands that LAE printing requires and explain some of the current and potential applications where inkjet is used for the fabrication of large format electronic devices.


The world of inkjet innovation as seen from patents
Mike Willis, Managing Director, Pivotal Resources, UK

The number of inkjet patents published worldwide last year was around 370 a month, with HP overtaking Seiko Epson with the most filed. Although the big names dominate the filings, there are a few surprises in the top 20 for 2018. Thermal inkjet printhead development continues with some interesting innovations such as ultra low-cost page arrays and recirculation through the actuator chamber. There are new piezo printhead developments too, and not just SiMEMS designs. Intermediate transfer architectures are large development projects at Landa Digital and Canon, with both expected to make big announcements and enhancements at Drupa 2020. And the spread of inkjet into new applications continues to amaze - with one new product development perhaps an equal to desktop printing in terms of potential reach.

18:20-19:00 Sponsors' Forum

Hear short presentations from the event sponsors.

19:00-21:00 Networking Reception

Join us for wine, beer, canapés and good company!

THURSDAY 10 October 2019

09:00 Morning session begins

Heidelberg Primefire 106: A story about the present and future of a breakthrough in digital packaging
Montserrat Peidro-Insa, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Since the first Primefire serial customer shipment in 2018, customers are learning more and more about how to sell digital packaging to their clients and about the possibilities of Primefire. During this session we will share some of that learning while disclosing the planned technology developments. We will discuss how brands are reacting to Primefire possibilities and where they see its main potential, give some case studies of Primefire customers and how are they using the system, and discuss the future development roadmap.


Panel Session: Packaging
Topics to include:

  • Aqueous/hybrid inks

  • Food contact and regulatory issues

The panel will be chaired by Montserrat Peidro-Insa, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and include industry experts from the conference Strategic Advisory Board and conference presenters.


What is the future of industrial inkjet?
Marcus Timson, Director, FM Future

Has it or hasn’t it crossed the chasm? Will it or won’t it? What’s holding it back? Why hasn’t the next big market materialised? Or is it soon to happen? The talk will feature case studies, results from the Future of Inkjet Survey and thoughts, observations and ideas.


From concept to productisation: Accelerating time to market and de-risking your R&D spend
Graham Kennedy, Head of Industrial Printing EMEA, Ricoh Europe

I will talk about Ricoh’s focus on disruptive digital manufacturing technology and how our collaborative development approach can help our partners speed up time to market. I will share some case studies which demonstrate how using Ricoh technology, expertise and experience can de-risk the R&D process.


Engineering solutions to address the inherent challenges associated with digital inkjet technology in single-pass applications
Shane O’Neill, European Sales Manager, Fujifilm Dimatix

Over the many years of the development and optimisation of inkjet technology for use in single-pass printers, there has been great variety of creative solutions engineered to address the challenges of using inkjet technology successfully in such demanding applications. Implementation of hardware and software solutions to address uniformity and missing jet compensation are key elements to producing a competitive machine. This presentation will discuss some of the approaches taken to meet these challenges.

12:40-14:00 Lunch
14:00 Afternoon session begins

Panel session: Industrial inkjet - what are the opportunities?
Topics to include:

  • Packaging - flexible and corrugated

  • Décor

  • Textiles

  • Direct-to-shape

The panel will be chaired by Marcus Timson, Director, FM Future, and include industry experts from the conference Strategic Advisory Board and conference presenters.


Wide format state of the industry - forecast, trends, and innovations that drive profitable business
Bob Leahey and Eric Zimmerman, Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends

Wide format printing has been embraced by sign, packaging and commercial printers. Print service providers (PSPs) now utilise innovative technologies for wide format to expand their offerings and move into new markets. Through Keypoint Intelligence's annual industry forecast and end-user research, this session will bring to light the key trends that drive industry growth, covering industry trends, products and applications driving market growth, end-user sentiment on business success and growth, investment preferences in print, finishing, and workflow solutions and PSP’s needs in support of their growth strategy.


Water-based inks for packaging and other markets
Peter Saunders, Global Director - Digital Businesses, Sun Chemical

This talk will look at the challenge for inks in packaging, including corrugated, carton and flexible. The background is the change from analogue to digital, and from other technologies to water-based. Ink is essential to application success, and is ultimately what appeals to end customers, and yet it often seems low down the development food chain. In the meantime, the goal-posts from flexo are changing, and new issues have emerged like sustainability and recyclability. The inkjet community must work together to bring compelling solutions. We will summarise the evolution of inkjet ink technology from energy curing, through hybrid to full water-based solutions.


Digital inkjet printing in packaging: What are the opportunities and challenges in the context of increased food safety and circular economy?
Denis Poncelet, Director of Marketing & Sales, Sensient Imaging Technologies

What are the distinctions between edible, direct and indirect food contact? What means a “food compliant” packaging? Who is liable against regulatory constraints? How will recycling trends impact food safety? What are the hurdles and risks for a brand and for a converter to qualify new inks from a new supplier of inks? Technical and regulatory compliance will be explored under the experience of a very pragmatic approach from Sensient, leader in food safe and pharma safe dispersions, colorants and inks.

17:00 Conference ends