Industrial Inkjet Technology Showcase

24-25 June, 2015

Angelo Hotel, Munich Westpark, Germany

Missed our event in Munich?

Industrial inkjet is a rapidly changing and fast-growing area of technology. At IMI Europe we know how hard it is to keep track of new industry developments and innovations, which is why we are bringing you the Industrial Inkjet Technology Showcase; providing delegates with overviews and updates from the industrial inkjet industry.

With three keynote presentations on emerging applications, four Tech Talks from expert speakers and presentations from key industry suppliers on their products and services, as well as overviews, success stories and requirements of the fast-growing industrial digital print sector, provided by the InPrint Industrial Print Forum, you are bound to take away even more knowledge.

As with all IMI Europe events we provide excellent networking opportunities at our all inclusive breaks, lunches and receptions where delegates can meet suppliers to the industry and make those all important contacts in the exhibitors display area.

This year we are very grateful to have adphos Digital Printing hosting a Field Trip to their manufacturing plant to see working industrial drying systems, followed by dinner at a brewery.

Programme details

Mike Willis, Managing Director, IMI Europe, Cambridge, UK

Mike Willis, Managing Director, IMI Europe, Cambridge, UK

Chairman: Introduction to IMI Europe's Industrial Inkjet Technology Showcase

Welcome & opening introduction to the Industrial Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2015

Mike Willis is the Managing Director of IMI Europe - the front runner in educating and advancing the inkjet industry, particularly during the major growth phase of industrial applications occurring since 2000. IMI Europe's focus is on the development and commercialisation of technology, attracting the leading component suppliers, integrators, OEMs and key end users to the best value networking events in the industry.


Keynote speakers

Mark Hanley, President, IT Strategies, Inc., Hanover, Massachusetts, USA

Mark Hanley, President, IT Strategies, Inc., Hanover, Massachusetts, USA

Industrial inkjet: High ambition takes on the challenge

  • Industrial markets like packaging ARE a big challenge
  • But textiles, ceramics and other markets inspire confidence
  • Resource and support issues for the smaller vendor
  • An epidemic of creativity in Europe

Mark Hanley founded I.T. Strategies in 1992 in Boston as a strategic consultancy specialising in industrial digital printing, ink jet technology and early market development practices. The company is based in Boston & Tokyo & operates on a private partnership basis. I.T. Strategies is a confidential practice with no publishing function and is an expert in technology and market analysis based on a wide factual knowledge base.

Jason Oliver, Senior VP Digital, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Heidelberg, Germany

Jason Oliver, Senior VP Digital, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Heidelberg, Germany

Is digital product decoration about to go mainstream?

  • What is 4D Printing?
  • Technologies involved
  • Markets - where it fits
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Consumer versus industrial product decoration
  • How it fits in Heidelberg’s digital strategy



Dr Ingo Ederer, CEO, Voxeljet AG, Friedberg, Germany

Dr Ingo Ederer, CEO, Voxeljet AG, Friedberg, Germany

3D printing: New opportunities for inkjet printing in manufacturing

  • Great promise of 3D printing technologies is more justified for industrial production than home use
  • Inkjet based powder binding technology within 3D printing offers outstanding advantages:
    • High productivity with large build envelopes
    • Continuous operation and inline production capabilities
  • Current system concepts and applications
  • Insight into future developments

Dr. Ingo Ederer (born 1967) is not only the key inventor of our technology but also one of the business founders. From 1999 to 2013 he built up the company into a leading provider of 3D printers for industrial and commercial customers. He was appointed CEO of Voxeljet in 2013.

After successfully completing his studies in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich Dr. Ederer also obtained his doctorate at this university in 2000. He started intensively exploring the field of Additive Manufacturing during his studies. Since then he has become a recognized expert in this area and has enriched the professional world.


Tech Talks

Dr. Kai K. O. Bär, adphos Digital Printing GmbH, Bruckmühl, Germany

Dr. Kai K. O. Bär, adphos Digital Printing GmbH, Bruckmühl, Germany

How print quality and performance is influenced by inkjet wetting to fixation configurations in digital presses

  • Principal process analysis of ink wetting, setting, drying and fixation
  • Influences and interactions from combination of ink & substrate properties
  • Analysis of applied drying technologies & their configurations in today’s digital presses
  • Commercial case studies comparison on achievable print quality and/or printing performance for different applicable drying technologies

Since July 2009, Dr. Bär is the Managing Director/President of adphos Innovative Technologies GmbH, adphos Thermal Processing GmbH and adphos Digital Printing GmbH. In November 2008, Dr. Bär adopted the position of Chief Executive Officer of AdPhos AG. In January 2005 he adopted the work of the Managing Director/President of AdPhos Steel GmbH. From August 2001 till December 2004 he was acting as Chairman of the Board of AdPhos AG and from March 1999 till July 2001 he was one of the Members of the Boards.

Dr. Bär was one of the founders of IndustrieSerVis GmbH (Rechtsvorgänger of the AdPhos AG) where he practiced as Managing Partner from April 1996 till February 1999 of IndustrieSerVis GmbH (foundation October 1995 till March 1996). He was the leader of the business segment “High Temperature Technology and Installations” at IABG, Ottobrunn from June 1993 till September 1996 and he was responsible for the Technology-Programme “HERMES-Heatstructure-Tests” from June 1990 till December 1993 at IABG, Ottobrunn. From August 1989 till May 1990 he worked as an academic staff member at IABG, Ottobrunn. Dr. Bär graduated on July 1990 as Dr.-Ing. (with award) at the faculty of mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen.

Thomas Gerhardt, ToJET GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Gerhardt, ToJET GmbH, Berlin, Germany

How to qualify inks for inkjet cost effectively?

  • Having an idea, but how to start
  • Basic measurements, what is needed
  • Dynamic or static
  • How to test the crusting behavior without damaging a printhead
  • Ink stability
  • Material compatibility
  • Print quality tests

Thomas Gerhardt founded ToJET GmbH in 2002 in Berlin for the purpose of sales of inkjet print heads (IJT-64ID2) of glass ceramics manufacturer IJT, based in California (USA).

From 2004, ToJET GmbH worked mainly for Francotyp-Postalia GmbH in ink development, ink quality control, development, installation and support of recycling processes for inkjet printing systems, analysis of material problems, optimization of an existing plant for the production of demineralized water, and as project manager for the conversion of an ink degassing and bottling plant, development of functional water-based fluids (patent granted), and of a casting process for safety electronics.

In 2012, ToJET GmbH took over a small portion of products from the former production site Birkenwerder by Francotyp-Potsalia GmbH and transfered to Berlin Marienfelde on the former site of the SIEMENS relay factory. Here, since August 2012 ToJET has taken care of manufacturing and filling Francotyp-Postalia ink tanks, producing and bottling a sealing liquid, assembling tank systems for franking machines, recycling printing-systems and shedding of optical sensors with epoxy resin. Additionally, they are developing and testing functional fluids and inks for industrial use.

Dr Tim Phillips, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Xennia Technology, Letchworth, UK

Dr Tim Phillips, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Xennia Technology, Letchworth, UK

Ink testing for industrial inkjet printheads

  • Initial ink trials – what to look for & how to select the best ink
  • Ink testing methodologies
  • Typical test equipment & set-up
  • Characterisation
  • Print quality analysis
  • It doesn’t jet – is it the ink or printhead?
  • Differences between thermal & piezo ink testing

Tim is Marketing & Business Development Manager at Xennia, the leading one stop inkjet solutions house. This and previous roles at Xennia has required a strong working knowledge of the latest ink jet technology, and has brought him into contact with a wide range of clients working at the leading edge of new applications. These include textiles, printed electronics, deposition of functional materials, and bio and medical applications as well as the latest graphics applications – anything that is at the forefront of this exciting technology.

Tim graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1991 with an MA Honours degree in Natural Sciences, and completed his PhD in liquid crystal physics and chemistry at the University of Bristol in 1994. He recently completed an Executive MBA at the University of Warwick.

Dr Alan Hudd, Director, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK

Dr Alan Hudd, Director, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK

Dispersion technology for pigment based inkjet inks

  • History of pigmented dispersions
  • Stabilisation theory
  • Agglomeration and flocculation
  • Materials that make the difference
  • Processes and manufacturing
  • Challenges vs Mother Nature

Dr Hudd is Director and Founder of Alchemie Technology Ltd. Alchemie is an independent contract development and consultancy company to the industrial ink jet industry. Alan Hudd is also a Director of Inkjet Partnership, a specialised company involved in ink jet conferences, IJA and inkjet training programmes.

A particular research interest is the development of how inkjet can play a role in providing sustainable energy solutions.

Alan Hudd was a founder of Xennia Technology and managing director from 1996 to 2012. During this period Alan built Xennia to become a world leading inkjet developer and solutions provider to industrial inkjet markets.

In 1987, Alan joined Domino Printing Sciences and spent eight years as the Fluids Technology Manager, developing a wide range of ink jet ink for diverse applications and is credited with a number of patents and significant innovations within the industrial ink jet industry. Prior to Domino, he spent almost eight years with the Ministry of Defence and Royal Ordnance in the UK, developing new solid polymer rocket propellants for air to air missiles.

Dr. Hudd graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Chemistry and Physics, MSc and PhD research degrees in Polymer Chemistry from Manchester University.