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With our comprehensive knowledge and application experience of radiation technology, adphos has the capability to revolutionize technical processes in entire sectors of many industries. adphos, using its adphosNIR "AcceleratedDryingTechnology", is able to offer standard and customized solutions to other manufacturers and to end users for integration into their process equipment to perform more efficient drying, curing or heating processes, at higher throughput speeds.

Dr Kai Bär
Managing Director
Tel: +49 8061 3950


Catenary Solutions specialises in connecting technologies and markets to give a successful and profitable outcome. Combining deep technical knowledge with sound strategic marketing perspective and passion, Catenary Solutions works with companies to deliver added value in technology product commercialisation.

Dr Tim Phillips
Founder & Director
Tel: +44 1223 236920


ImageXpert Inc. provides a complete platform for inkjet development, including automated drop-in-flight measurement, sustainability testing, print station, print quality analysis, ink supply, and more. ImageXpert tools vastly accelerate development of inks, waveforms, printers, substrates, additives, and printheads.

Yair Kipman
Tel: +1 603 598 2500


Malvern’s particle size, zeta potential, rheological, GPC/SEC and imaging systems are all used in the study and production of paints, inks and coatings. They have multiple applications throughout R&D, formulation and quality control, from the analysis of component materials to the assessment of final product performance. Among many examples are: GPC systems for characterizing the polymeric additives which influence ink jetability and finish, and paint film formation; particle characterization systems which help optimize particle size for the required finish; zeta potential measurements which quantify product stability; andrheometers to characterize the fluid flow that influences spreading and leveling of coatings.

John Duffy
Sector Marketing Manager - Advanced Materials
Tel: +44 (0)1684 892456

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Launched in 2007 by Sue Wright and Peter Callahan, Diamond Dispersions manufacture exceptionally high quality, water-based pigmented dispersions and dispersed dyes for the global inkjet ink market. The skilled team mill super-fine pigments and non-dispersible dyes down to a nanometric scale and, through a unique chemistry, keep the particles suspended in water for up to two years. These high performance dispersions are used worldwide by multinational brands. Diamond exports over 40 black and colour products to over 20 countries and is one of the leading names in the digital textile print market.

Sue Wright
Tel: +44 (0)114 263 5380