Short Course
Inkjet printhead technology for ink chemists

12 April, 2016

Aquatis Hotel, Lausanne, Switzerland


Using content from the world’s most popular inkjet course – the Inkjet Academy - Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources will explain how inkjet printheads generate drops, the materials and manufacturing methods used, and the basics of drive waveforms.

This course is aimed at ink chemists who are already familiar with inkjet but seek to learn more about the hardware they are using.

Amongst other topics you will learn why the printhead performance varies from nozzle to nozzle and get an insight into why printheads from different manufacturers, with the same basic specifications, behave differently.

Course Programme


3. Greyscale technology

  • Need for greyscale
  • Basic drive waveforms
  • Greyscale methods

4. Questions and answers!

17.00 Course ends

Tuesday 12 April

13:00 - 14:00 Registration

14:00 Course begins

1. Basics of inkjet technology

  • Types of inkjet printheads
  • Stages of drop formation

2. Drop on demand printheads

  • Thermal inkjet
  • Piezo inkjet
  • Frequency response
  • Crosstalk
  • Life issues

Course Leader

Mike Willis, Managing Director
Pivotal Resources, Cambridge, UK

Mike Willis is the Founder and Managing Director of Pivotal Resources, an international marketing and technical consultancy specialising in digital printing. He has worked in this industry for the past 30 years, accumulating considerable experience in a wide range of imaging technologies.

Recognised as an industry expert, he regularly speaks and gives tutorials at printing conferences in Europe and North America. In addition he is the publisher of Directions, a service that monitors inkjet patents and significant product launches.