Improving Image Quality

4-5 November, 2014

Avenida Palace Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Speakers from:

Adphos * Atomjet * Global Graphics * Global Inkjet Systems * ImageXpert * Inca Digital * JR Bane Consulting * Phoseon * TTP * Xennia Technology

With a series of presentations from experts in their fields, this one and one half day seminar will examine the whole chain of issues surrounding print and image quality when using inkjet technology. Going beyond inkjet integration topics, the focus is on improving and optimising image quality.

Topics include an overview of image quality issues, getting the most from your RIP, peripherals and impact on image quality for single pass printing, putting drops down in scanning architectures, optimising jetting of inks, ink supply technology, measurement and evaluation of print quality, with more topics to follow.

The seminar will include a Supplier’s Forum where delegates who supply the industry can present their products or services. In addition, during the final session we invite delegates to bring print samples to show and discuss image quality issues with the panel of experts.


Tuesday 4 November, 2014

08:00 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 Seminar opening and welcome

Seminar chair

Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Overview of image quality issues

Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd, Cambridge, UK

  • Artifacts
  • Density shifts
  • Dropouts
  • Missing jets, etc.

Getting the most from your RIP

Martin Bailey, Chief Technology Officer, Global Graphics, Cambridge, UK

  • Rendering
  • Screening
  • Colour management
  • Linearisation

Printheads and drive waveforms

Clive Ayling, TTP, Melbourn, Cambridge, UK

  • Off the shelf print quality
  • How do you choose and evaluate printheads?
    • Manufacturers data
    • Appropriate testing
  • What can you do to optimise print quality?
    • Installation issues
    • Drive waveforms
    • Start up and shut down best practice
    • Replacing printheads

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

Join us for traditional and modern Catalan cuisine, plus local wines

14:30 Session begins

DPI & resolution - more than just numbers

Julian Bane, Inkjet Consultant, JR Bane Consulting, Cambridge, UK

  • Limits of resolution
  • History and abuse of DPI numbers
  • Lowest smooth tint
  • Effects of greyscale on perceived DPI
  • Effect of 'light cyan' and 'light magenta' on perceived resolution

Optimising jetting of inks

Tim Phillips, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Xennia Technology, Letchworth, UK

  • Compatibility
  • Stability of jetting
  • Assessing operational limits

Optimisation of inkjet systems using development tools

Yair Kipman, President, ImageXpert, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

  • Visualisation of drop formation
  • Measurement of drop stability
  • Trajectory

Putting drops down in scanning architectures

Nick Campbell, Project Manager, Inca Digital, Cambridge, UK

  • Interlacing
  • Overlapping
  • Stitching
  • Print modes
  • Pinning & curing

17:30 Suppliers forum

5 minute presentations related to technology, capabilities, services, new product introductions etc. The Supplier’s Forum is open to all registrants.

18:30 - 19:30 Reception

Join us and enjoy local wines and beers, canapés and good company!


Wednesday 5 November, 2014

09:00 Session begins

Implementing pinning to control image quality

Rob Karsten, Director - EMEA, Phoseon Technology Inc., Hillsboro, OR, USA

  • A critical look at pinning
  • Advantages and how should it be controlled
  • Practical implementations of pinning
  • How to integrate pinning into your print process to control and improve image quality

Why waste the success that you have already achieved by allowing degradation of your beautiful dot/image once it has arrived on the substrate?

Martin Doherty – EAMER Sales Director, Adphos Digital Printing, Germany

  • Image quality risks if ink is left uncontrolled on substrate
  • Behaviour of ink-jetted fluids on substrate
  • Defining elements of drying process
  • Effect of time and drier location on quality

Ink supply technology

Rob Harvey, Managing Director, Atomjet, Cambridge, UK

  • Why ink supply design is an essential part of a stable and reliable ink jet printer
  • Ink types & their impact on materials choices
  • Pumps, pipes, valves, filters & de-gassers
  • Comparison of ink suppliers for scanning & static
  • Head systems; recirculating & single-ended systems
  • Temperature control of heads & inks

Measurement and evaluation of print quality

Yair Kipman, ImageXpert, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

  • Dot spread and bleed
  • Dot placement
  • Other image artifacts
  • Off-line and in-line measurement
  • Quality control

12:00 Seminar ends