Digital Print Europe 2017

18-21 September 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Digital Print Europe 2017 timetable

Download the event brochure here

Download the event brochure here

Digital Print Europe is built around our strategic Digital Printing Conference, with supporting events including a Mergers & Acquisitions forum, Market Reports Live briefings and a new version of the world-famous Inkjet Academy.

IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference 2017

The IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference 2017 is the strategic business and technical conference for the digital inkjet printing industry. With the theme of 'Vision 2020', it includes market briefings from leading analysts, updates and views from industry pacesetters, perspectives from key end users and new technology introductions from inkjet innovators. Our flagship strategic event is the ideal place to find out the latest news from major companies, while exploring business opportunities by networking with top executives across the industry.

Market Reports Live - Digital Packaging Printing

Industry expert Ron Gilboa from Keypoint Intelligence-Infotrends gives an overview of the current digital packaging market, with an in-depth look at market requirements and dynamics, technology advances and challenges.

Market Reports Live - Digital TEXTILE PRINTING

Find out from WTiN experts John Scrimshaw and Tansy Fall about market trends in digital textile printing. What is the true growth within the market? What is the scope of digital textile printing in the future? What is really feasible today for printers and designers?

Mergers & Acquisitions Forum

A new event for 2017 covers mergers and acquisitions from both the buy side and sell side. Leading analysts and experts will give an overview of the industry M&A scene, review key transactions as case studies, and give advice and experiences from both sides of the transaction. The forum will be chaired by Kenneth D. Stack, President of Proximus LLC.

Inkjet Academy - Business Edition

Basic knowledge of any industry is essential to its development. The Inkjet Academy - Business Edition covers the fundamentals of inkjet technology and the key applications, players and markets, giving your understanding of the industry an expert start.